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How Many Days Does The Olympics Last ?

At present, the Olympics last for around fourteen days. There are two Olympics, summer and winter, which are held alternately after every 2 years. However, in the past, it used to be held after every four years. The motive behind switching Olympics alternately after two years was to arouse interest amongst participants as well as spectators. (See Reference 1)

The Greek Olympics used to be held after every 4 years during the full moon of midsummer. The purpose of choosing full moon was to ensure that the game could continue into the night. The time period between the games was used to be known as Olympiad and it used to be named after accomplished athletes. (See Reference 2)

The first Olympiad was named after an athlete called Coribus after he won the title of 200 meter foot race. In ancient Olympics, just male citizens of Greece, who were not involved in any murder or unlawful activities, were allowed to participate. The participants were required to undergo training almost one year prior to actual competitions. The participants after finishing the initial training had to move to Elis or Olympia for carrying out their final training, which involved learning the rules of fair play and respectable competition. Even the spectators were required to follow strict rules. Only free men with no criminal background were allowed to witness the games. Women, especially the married ones, were not allowed to watch the games. However, priestesses who were seated on the altar of goddess Demeter Chamyne could witness the competitions held on the stadium. (See Reference 2)

Ancient Olympics in Greek was marked as a festival. It was an ideal time to earn lot of revenue by selling goods. People used to gather from all over and recite their own poems to earn money in return. Peace treaties used to be signed during the occasion between various warring cities. Numerous business deals used to be negotiated. Since there used to be shortages of accommodation, people slept in open air tents. (See Reference 2)

The initial Olympics games constituted mostly the foot race but as time passed by number of other events kept adding on making it even more complicated. During the initial years there used to be fourteen events at an expanse of four consecutive days. The events were categorized into two. The physical contests used to be held in stadium nude and on the race track with chariots. The first day of the game was usually dedicated to sacrifices to gods and goddess since it signified a religious aspect. From second day onwards, the actual contests used to begin. The first being the chariot races and soon the other contests followed. Wrestling, foot races and the boxing events used to be held on the fourth day; and on the fifth day the victory banquet used to be held. (See Reference 2)

Once the popularity of the ancient Greek Olympics festival spread across the world, it underwent innumerable changes. (See Reference 2)

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