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How Can I Check My Email Messages ?

If you are wondering how to check your email messages, then the procedure is actually quite simple and straightforward. Just log on to your email account using the username and password that was created when the account was opened and setup in the very beginning. After logging in, you can use the navigate buttons to check the Inbox folder of your email account to see the new messages that have come in.

If there are folders, then you can go to the relevant folder to check any message that you may have saved in these folders. In case you want to check the sent email messages, the click on Sent folder to access the email messages that you have sent. (See Reference 1)

While the aforementioned steps are general in nature, every email provider will be different from another provider. So, here are some general steps on how to check your email messages.

One of the most commonly used email providers in today's world is Google mail or gmail. In order to reach your gmail account, you would have to type in the search bar of your browser, like Mozilla or Internet Explorer and press the Enter key. This will let the gmail page load on the browser. Once the page is loaded, you will notice that there spaces available to type your username as well as password on the right hand side. Type in the right information and then press the Enter key. Once you do this, the loading bar will appear and thereafter the Inbox will appear where you can check your email messages. To read the email messages, just use your mouse to click on the said message and it will open up. (See Reference 1) This is the general method to use for checking email messages with Google as well as Yahoo.

However, if you are using AOL, then you can use 2 methods to check your email messages. You can log on your AOL account using the software provided by the ISP. Here you will again have to input your unique username and password to check your email account. Alternatively, you can use your browser to log onto your AOL email account and check your mail. You will notice an envelope symbol at the very top right hand corner of the AOL website. By clicking on the envelope, you will be prompted for your username and password. On putting the right information, you will get the green color loading bar and thereafter you can check your mail. When you hear "You have mail", it means that you have received a new email in your AOL email Inbox. Just click on the mail and read it. (See Reference 1)

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How Can I Check My Email Messages

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