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How To Join The Secret Service ?

To become a secret service agent, you need to first do a little research and home work. This research will help you know the basic rules before filling out an application. Begin your research by visiting the official website of the Secret Service. This site will offer a lot of help in understanding the various divisions of the Secret Service.

The service recruits employees in uniformed sections, Special agents, TSD, PSS, civilians and various other sections where you may find your interest. Each section and divisions has its own benefits and shortcomings. The one which fits you in all respect should be chosen by you.

Sometimes you may not be able to decide on your own as to which division should you opt for? For this, there are online chat-rooms and forums that can further guide you in this respect.

Switching from one section to another may appear as an easy task but it is not advisable. The current freezing on hiring, restrain on agencies and some other factors have made switching sections as a difficult thing to achieve. Sometimes, it might take years to get that. Therefore, the best thing is decide first and then apply.

Once you have done that homework and decided on what you want to do, download the job application for that particular section from the official website. The application might appear bit long because it needs to fill in lot of details like places of education, previous employment history, IRS tax information, previous drug use, history of health condition and many detailed verifications.

Before filling the application first read it two to three times. Make note of important information that are not readily available with you. Keep checking the points that you have cleared. Once all the points have been covered then fill out the application.

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How To Join The Secret Service ?


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